5 Social Media Topics for July 2023

July 2023 Social Media Topics: Promoting Awareness, Simplicity, and Support

Welcome to July 2023! As always, Snowdon Digital is here to provide you with a curated list of social media topics based on national days of interest. This month, we bring you five exciting topics to engage your audience, spread awareness, and promote a sense of community. Let's dive into the highlights for July!

1. Plastic Free July

Website: www.plasticfreejuly.org

This month, let's make a conscious effort to reduce our plastic consumption and make a positive impact on the environment. Plastic Free July is a global movement that encourages individuals to choose alternatives to single-use plastic items. By sharing tips, tricks, and innovative ideas on social media, we can inspire others to join the movement and make a difference. Together, we can create a greener, cleaner future!

2. National Simplicity Day - July 12th

On July 12th, we celebrate National Simplicity Day in honor of the renowned writer and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau advocated for living a simple life, focusing on nature, introspection, and minimalism. Take this opportunity to share Thoreau's inspirational quotes, insights on embracing simplicity, and practical tips for simplifying daily routines. Encourage your followers to find beauty in simplicity and discover the joy of living with less.

3. March for Men 2023 - July 23rd

Event Details: Prostate Cancer UK - March for Men

Join hands with Prostate Cancer UK on July 23rd for the March for Men event in Battersea Park, London. This inclusive event welcomes everyone, including children, dogs, and families, to participate in a walk around the park. By sharing the event details and encouraging participation, you can help raise awareness about prostate cancer and the importance of early detection. Let's unite in the fight against this disease and support those affected.

4. National Bereaved Parents Day - July 3rd

July 3rd marks National Bereaved Parents Day, a day to remember and support parents who have lost a child. On this day, let's show empathy and understanding to those who have experienced this heartbreaking loss. Share resources, personal stories of strength, and messages of support to create a compassionate and comforting space. By raising awareness and honouring the journey of bereaved parents, we can foster a sense of community and healing.

5. 24/7 Samaritans Awareness Day - July 24th

On July 24th, we observe 24/7 Samaritans Awareness Day, dedicated to raising awareness about the invaluable support provided by the Samaritans organization. Samaritans offer a listening ear and emotional support to those struggling with their mental health. Encourage your followers to spread the word about the Samaritans helpline and the importance of reaching out for help when needed. Share stories of hope, information about their services, and resources for mental well-being.

That's all For July 2023

July is an eventful month filled with opportunities to make a positive impact, embrace simplicity, and support one another. By leveraging social media platforms, we can create a ripple effect of change, spreading awareness about plastic-free living, honouring National Simplicity Day, supporting the March for Men event, remembering bereaved parents, and promoting the vital work of the Samaritans. Let's come together to make a difference and inspire a brighter, more compassionate world.

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