Category: Company Updates

Investing in Our Future: Upgrades to Infrastructure

One of the key requisites for our development road map is that everything should add value, not expense. Our upgrades shouldn't increase our pricing unless it actually improves the service. Over the last 12 months, we've been working to migrate all of our hosted clients to our service that, whilst slightly more expensive than its […]

Investing in Our Future - Phase One Complete

Today we're celebrating the first completed step of our investment roadmap. Since relaunching, we've been working towards new goals to help secure our future as a stable and longterm service provider to our clients. During our planning, a roadmap has been developed to give clear direction. Today, I am pleased to say that we have […]

We are Snowdon Digital - A Reintroduction

Snowdon Digital is finally back to business as normal after a long overdue facelift and a thorough rethink of the way we work. Although we've still been working on a number of projects, we've taken some time after a difficult year to regroup, recuperate and relaunch. So let me reintroduce ourselves - We are Snowdon […]

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