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Quick Tips: Facebook Targeting

February 12, 2019

This week, I've been looking at a lot (and I mean a LOT) of Facebook Targeting settings to help my clients understand where their Facebook ads are going wrong. Why aren't they getting any leads? Where is their money going? Sometimes you have to look beyond the content to figure this out.

On the surface, their adverts look just fine, which is why it can be so frustrating for them. The content is well written, the graphics and videos are just fine and the message is right. So why are they not generating any leads from content that's reaching so many people through paid advertising? Well, it's being shown to the wrong groups and that's where correct Facebook Targeting is crucial

In most cases, we've been finding that the targeted audiences that they've created in the Ads Manager are based around themselves. If you're a graphic designer and you base your targeting around yourself, you're just targeting other graphic designers which is a more common mistake than you'd think. You need to think a little more outside of your own bubble here and the best place to start is with any of your existing customers (if you have any). Who are they and how did they find you?

Think further afield too.

We recently audited a campaign for a hotel. Somehow they had created and approved a campaign that targeted everyone in a 5mile radius. Whilst this is great for local awareness, people don't tend to spend their hard-earned holiday in their own back garden.

If you're struggling with your targeting my advice is this:

Get out the trusty pen and paper, make lists of the groups of people you're trying to reach. Then split them up by gender and age. Now split them up by locations. Then decide what services or products you're trying to sell to these groups. Throw everything into a spreadsheet and start working on your content. Make your content specific to each group and each service and start small with your budgets to test the water. If it's not right, adjust slightly and try again. When you've got it nailed, then you can put some more money behind it.

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