Ruthin App Test Instructions

Hey everyone,

Thanks for volunteering to test drive the Ruthin App - the web version of it is ready (it works fine on phones but we haven't made it installable yet) and you can now create an account and add your business, community group or event to it.

I won't give you a full run through just yet I'll sort that out soon for everyone to take a look at.

So, to get started, just go to

If you're on a laptop or desktop, you'll see the login and create account links in the top right, if you're on a phone, they will be part of the menu on the left.

Simply fill out the details to create an account and the site will send you an email to activate (it does this to prevent pesky spam bots getting imediate access to forms and making me grumpy)

Whn you've activated your account, go to the site and log in. The menu on the Right (for desktops) will now display a dropdown which will allow you to add listings or on phones it will be on the normal menu again.

Simply fill out the details, add an image (either a photo of your shop or a logo or something) and assign a category (or click other and suggest a category for me to add) and submit, I'll double check it and publish it.

Feel free to add Events as well, if you run a business that does classes or anything like that, please feel free to add them and make the calendar look busy!

If you get stuck, send me a message and I'll try to help as quickly as I can.

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