Hi Everyone,

Thanks for listening to me waffle on for over an hour. I hope it was helpful to you. Below are some notes, helpful links and the slides from the presentation. If you need any help, from me an email and I'll do what I can.


Best hosting in the UK:

You can get £5.00 off with this code: SNOWDONDIGITAL

If you need a more managed hosting service, we can provide that for you (we use servers maintained by Krystal as well)

Todays Slides: Download

You can register domains with any hosting provider, I always recommend Krystal because they have a UK based support team that are really helpful.

If you're using WordPress and you want to get in-depth with SEO these are the best tools:


Yoast SEO


Another helpful SEO tool is SEO Review Tools - This will check your text for you.

Helpful tips:

If you're using a page builder plugin with WordPress, I would try to stay away from BeaverBuilder or Divi - They are great tools but will slow your site down massively!

If you're using Wix or Squarespace, make sure you're using social media as well as you possibly can as it will get the ball rolling for your SEO a lot quicker.

If you're going to sell products through your website I always recommend PayPal first then Stripe second as the best payment gateways to use.

If you need to reach me to ask questions want to take a look at a site you've built, I'm more than happy to oblige - just email me:

If you want a more in-depth consultation with me, either about helping you build your own site or having us build one for you, drop me an email and we can schedule a call.

Stay safe!

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