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From professional advice backed by the latest industry data to complete, coherent courses that are custom-written around your needs. Snowdon Digital is here to help.
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Knowledge is Power

We're on a mission to get rid of the 'one-size-fits-all' marketing myth. We'll be constantly adapting and updating the information we provide during our one-to-one consultations to ensure that all of our clients fully understand their marketing. 

We offer single or multi-session courses on a range of topics including getting started with office software, Social Media, WordPress, Digital Productivity and advanced software tuition and in-depth digital marketing. All of our courses are custom to you and your requirements and includes support and reference materials and if you're the kind of learner that likes to be tested, we can even give you homework.

Our courses and consultancy services are lighthearted, stress-free and we will work to make things as understandable as possible and we won't waste your time, if we can't help we will point you to someone who can. We're available for pre-booked sessions at your office or home, on Skype or via Google Hangouts. Get in touch to tell us what you need help with and book a session now.

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