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Investing in Our Future: Upgrades to Infrastructure

One of the key requisites for our development road map is that everything should add value, not expense. Our upgrades shouldn't increase our pricing unless it actually improves the service. Over the last 12 months, we've been working to migrate all of our hosted clients to our service that, whilst slightly more expensive than its […]

5 Social Media Tips for Temporarily Closed Businesses - COVID 19

These are uncertain times, there's no denying. The supermarket is baren, the schools are closed, the pubs are closed, the restaurants are closed, shows are cancelled and smaller shops are closing their doors one by one, some perhaps for the last time. If you've found yourself in this troubling place you may be wondering what […]

Quick Tips: Facebook Targeting

This week, I've been looking at a lot (and I mean a LOT) of Facebook Targeting settings to help my clients understand where their Facebook ads are going wrong. Why aren't they getting any leads? Where is their money going? Sometimes you have to look beyond the content to figure this out. On the surface, […]

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